Lies Of P: Best Wishstones

Deceptions of P follows in the footsteps of previous Soulslike games in numerous ways, ensuring that genre enthusiasts feel right at home in its sinister, perilous realm. However, it also introduces some ingenious new concepts to the equation that help maintain the experience feeling innovative. One of these distinct features is the Cube and its various Desirestones that can be equipped to it, providing momentary healing or blessings when utilized, capable of swiftly altering the outcome of a confrontation.

While a Desirestone can only be utilized once, you can always purchase more from Giangio at Hotel Krat for a few Gold Coin Fruits. However, Gold Coin Fruits require time to cultivate and harvest, so it is crucial to ensure that you are making the optimal choice when equipping a Desirestone to your Cube. Here are our selections for the finest Desirestones in Deceptions of P.

Finest Desirestones in Deceptions of P

There are a total of 13 Desirestones, all of which are valuable in specific circumstances. However, we believe that these five are generally exceptional choices for most situations.

Companionship Desirestone

The Companionship Desirestone will restore the health of your apparition during boss battles. Given the difficulty of some of these end-of-area encounters, inviting an apparition into your game can make a significant difference, but they can perish if the boss focuses on them excessively. Being able to heal them ensures that they can continue to absorb damage and deal out punishment while you carry out your role.

Recuperation Desirestone

The Recuperation Desirestone will gradually heal you for a brief period of time. This is a beneficial Desirestone to have on hand while exploring uncharted territories, as it is possible to deplete your Pulse Charges and require that additional bit of health until you can replenish a charge. It is also a good option for passively replenishing your health during boss battles when you wish to conserve your Pulse Charges.

Giangio can exchange Gold Coin Fruits for additional Desirestones.

Frenzy Desirestone

The Frenzy Desirestone enhances your apparition’s damage for a duration. Similar to the Companionship Desirestone, this Desirestone can be extremely advantageous in boss battles by providing your summoned ally with additional bloodlust. If you are struggling against a boss, always remember that every bit of damage your apparition inflicts is damage that you do not have to deal with yourself.

Valor Desirestone

The Valor Desirestone accelerates the rate at which you charge your Fable bar. You are likely to employ your Fable attacks quite frequently against formidable elite enemies and bosses, so keeping this Desirestone in your possession ensures that you can prime and unleash those attacks more frequently–which, naturally, translates to more damage.

Advancement Desirestone

The Advancement Desirestone replenishes a portion of your Legion bar. This is an especially excellent choice for builds that focus on the Legion, of course, but it can serve a purpose for anyone in the appropriate battle. For instance, you may come across encounters where you require a few extra shots for your Falcon Eyes Legion, or you may occasionally need to fortify your defensive capabilities with additional Aegis Legion uses.

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