Trailer For Ex-GTA Dev’s Next Game And More Info On How To Play It Early

Build A Rocket Boy, the game studio established by former GTA and Rockstar executive Leslie Benzies, has unveiled a fresh preview for its inaugural game, Everywhere, and disclosed the early access details for fans.

Everywhere is described as a “community-driven gaming experience, a realm where players can unleash their creativity to construct, engage, and connect.” It appears to be more of a platform rather than a single game, similar to Roblox or Fortnite, allowing players to create their own content. The latest trailer showcases a variety of diverse encounters that players can encounter within Everywhere.

This most recent trailer exhibits a significant departure from the initial one released in August 2022, which is understandable considering Everywhere’s diverse nature and absence of a singular art style.

Furthermore, anyone can now register for an account on the official Everywhere game website to secure a username and have the opportunity to participate in a closed alpha test. The alpha test, exclusive to PC, will commence in the near future and serve as a “limited technical test” to evaluate the game’s systems and gather player feedback. Subsequent testing phases will be conducted to accommodate those who were not invited to the initial round.

“We envision a future where players have the ability to create games. With Everywhere, our goal is to empower individuals to innovate, take risks, and construct their own virtual worlds, shaped solely by their imagination,” stated Benzies. “We are providing the necessary tools, inspiration, and infrastructure, and we are eagerly anticipating how our community will nurture the next generation of developers, contributing to the growth of the Everywhere narrative.”

Benzies departed from Rockstar North in 2016 after a 17-month sabbatical. In April 2016, he filed a lawsuit against Rockstar Games, seeking $150 million in unpaid royalties and alleging that he was forced out.

Regarding the GTA series, Rockstar is currently in the process of developing Grand Theft Auto 6. GTA V, one of the highest-grossing games of all time, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary on September 17.

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