Level 60 Player Dies to Alt-Tabbing in Classic Hardcore


Oh man, we’ve got a real tragedy here in Classic Hardcore. This poor player reached Level 60, only to meet their demise because of a simple alt-tabbing mishap.

In Classic Hardcore, your character’s life is everything. You only get one shot, and this player’s luck ran out in the worst way possible.

Graysfordays thought they were being clever by leaving their Druid in stealth mode near some whelp eggs during a raid, all while playing their alt. But little did they know, their luck was about to take a turn for the worse.

When Graysfordays switched back to their Druid, the stealth mode was interrupted, and they found themselves under attack by a swarm of whelps. It was a brutal battle, and unfortunately, Graysfordays didn’t make it out alive. Here’s a clip of their final moments, a heartbreaking reminder of the dangers that lurk in Classic Hardcore.

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