Cities: Skylines 2 Developers Provide Update On Performance Issues And Post-Release Plans

The developer of Cities: Skyline 2, Colossal Order, has shared an update regarding the game’s post-release plans and future objectives. These include a focus on achieving a consistent frame rate of 30 frames per second and addressing performance issues.

Colossal Order has stated that they are actively working on enhancing the game by eliminating stutters, optimizing and balancing GPU performance, and implementing CPU optimizations. The studio is also exploring options to expand the available upscaling solutions.

“Both FSR2 and DLSS2 necessitate the utilization of Temporal Anti-aliasing, which is currently not feasible due to certain objects being incompatible with this technique,” explained Colossal Order in a forum post. “We are currently striving to make this achievable, as it will not only enhance performance but also provide a superior anti-aliasing solution compared to our current approach.”

In addition, Colossal Order aims to maintain a steady frame rate of 30 frames per second for the game. The studio clarifies that, unlike other genres such as multiplayer shooters, there is no significant long-term advantage for a city builder to target a higher frame rate. However, the studio acknowledges that optimization efforts will continue even after reaching this goal, as a higher frame rate can contribute to improved visuals and temporal effects.

Despite publisher Paradox Interactive being aware of the game’s technical issues and even issuing a warning to fans about them, Cities: Skylines 2 was still released on October 24 for PC. The game is also scheduled to launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2024.

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