Second Encrypted Patch 10.2 Build on WoW Vendor 2 CDN


Yo gamers, we’ve got another encrypted Patch 10.2 build on the WoW Vendor CDN. How close are we to the epic reveal? 

The second Patch 10.2 build has been unleashed upon the WoW Vendor 2 CDN. But hold up, we can’t datamine it just yet because it’s encrypted. 

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What’s the scoop on Patch 10.2 so far?

Patch 10.2 is set to drop this Fall, bringing with it a brand new zone and an epic story campaign. Get ready for a new raid, intense open world challenges, a fresh Renown track with exciting activities, a new PvP season, a whole new pool of Mythic+ Dungeons, and much more.


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