Gembird computer mouse are useful accessories for office workers and eSports enthusiasts

Gembird computer mouse

For more than twenty years, Gembird has been manufacturing peripheral equipment and accessories necessary for computers. Practical computer mouse Gembird are suitable for office work, Internet surfing and various games. Devices from Gembird are highly sensitive. The case of such products is made of fair  ly durable plastic, so when it falls on the floor, it reliably protects the filling from damage. Compact computer mouse Gembird has a symmetrical shape and is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed.

For office work or web surfing, you can buy a Gembird mouse of an optical or laser type. Optical options are cheaper than laser ones, but work somewhat worse on smooth surfaces. If a person needs a Gembird mouse for 3D modeling, he should prefer a model with maximum resolution.

For fans of computer games, the Gembird wireless mouse with a USB receiver is optimally suited, the range of which can be from 5 to 10 meters. For virtual battles and racing, it is better to purchase laser models that interact well with both rough and smooth surfaces. A Gembird mouse can contain from 2 to 5 buttons. For office work, a product with two buttons is enough, and mouse with a maximum number of buttons will be useful for eSports fans.

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