WoW HC Best Classes - Play Hunter, Avoid Warrior

WoW HC Best Classes – Play Hunter, Avoid Warrior

Dive deep into WoW HC’s realm and discover the ultimate classes for swift leveling. Dominate the game with unmatched prowess and strategy.

WoW HC Best Classes - Play Hunter, Avoid Warrior
WoW HC Best Classes – Play Hunter, Avoid Warrior

Greetings, dear reader! If you’re seeking advice on which class to play in the world of Warcraft Hardcore Classic, you might be a newbie. We have a special list of the best tiers for different levels, complete with advice, rotations, partners, and hints. You can explore these details right over there in WoW Classic Hardcore Best Class Overview!

However, if you’re looking for a quick answer, here are some straightforward tips that can simplify your experience in the new hardcore realm with permanent death.

Here are the best classes for solo play:

  1. Hunter: The hunter was the king of leveling in the real vanilla Warcraft. Why? It’s simple, my friend. Hunters have a personal tank, fantastic utilities right from the leveling phase, and incredible damage. They are nearly invincible while leveling, but mastering the hunter’s playstyle is key.
  2. Warlock: Avoid playing Warlocks if you’re uncertain about your own power. Why? Well, they still have a tanking capability, but the first tanky pet a Warlock receives won’t arrive until around level 30. Unfortunately, many Warlocks meet their fate somewhere between levels 19 and 28 in the hardcore realm of World of Warcraft. Our source for this statistic? It’s simple – the Deathlog addon for the PTR World of Warcraft Hardcore Classic gathers all the relevant data and provides us with insights.

If you’re still uncertain about the best class for World of Warcraft HC, we suggest the Rogue. This resilient character possesses almost limitless utilities, invisibility, and other tricks to evade danger.

However, we don’t recommend playing as a Paladin. Why? Because the combination of no bubble with a hearthstone and the inability to easily dodge the most perilous situations increases your chances of death while leveling.

Whether in the east or the west, never choose a Warrior, especially a Protection Warrior, as your main class. Without a leveling partner, your chances of reaching level 60 are bleak. The reason is quite simple – you lack utilities and self-healing abilities. You’re akin to a fragile character who could succumb to a single spell. Moreover, Warriors (arms, fury, protection) are melee classes, making it challenging to pull a single mob from an aggressive group and putting you at constant risk.

Conversely, choosing a Shaman as your main character makes you almost unbeatable due to the abundance of totems and ranged skills.

And what about the other classes? Their success relies more on your skill than your class. For instance, if you excel at playing a Mage with an incredible Blizzard ability that enables you to solo dungeons, that’s fantastic. However, if your spell micro-control skills are lacking, it’s better to choose a more meta option.

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